Fr. Hendrickson: 10 Questions

Fr. Hendrickson: 10 Questions


Favorite musical artists?

David Gray and Ray LaMontagne have dominated my musical interest for years, but now I am pretty obsessed with Mumford and Sons. Awake My Soul is fantastic.


Vacation spot?

I have always loved San Francisco. Its so distinctive its urban, its recreational. Water, mountains, bridges and vineyards surround the city and so does a mystic fog. I also have many friends there.



I like many kinds of cuisine Japanese, Thai, Indian and Italian. But its hard to beat a good pizza at the end of a workweek.


Place to pray?

Vespers, anywhere. From my days as a student at Mount Michael Benedictine High School, I grew to love the chanting of psalms. My favorite time to pray is in the evening, when I can reflect on the day and anticipate a new one.


What do you do to relax?

Ever since my year in Africa (2006), I have enjoyed bicycling. On used African-standard Chinese bikes, an older American Jesuit and I hit the highway alongside our campus four or five times a week.


What books are on your nightstand?

I am currently reading a biography on the artist Michelangelo by Miles Unger. In the past couple of years, I have enjoyed newly published biographies about other artists, such as Thomas Hart Benton, Caravaggio and Chagall. Over the summer, I read works about Chief Red Cloud and St. Peter Favre. Most recently, I finished a biography on Pope Francis, The Great Reformer.


Are you an early-riser or a night owl?

Both, although I have grown to love mornings, and I tend to rise quite early but only if a double-shot of espresso is in quick reach.


Have you and your identical twin brother, Scott, ever pulled a switcheroo?

Scott and I were not constant tricksters, but we enjoyed strategic switches on occasion. For instance, I needed a photograph of myself when entering the Jesuits, so I used his.


Whats with the cowboy boots?

A Jesuit in St. Paul gave me his pair when I was sent to work on the reservation in South Dakota, and Ive been wearing them ever since. (Brother Scott cites an ulterior motive: He wanted to be the taller twin!)


Toughest part of traveling overseas?

I contracted malaria twice during my time in Africa. Ironically, once I got it, I knew what it felt like and how to treat it. I quit wondering if I had it and what I would have to do about it. So, in a wry way, I was grateful.