The Frequent Flyer

The Frequent Flyer

Mankerian-Stem Racks Up Miles on Quest to Recruit International Students

By Glenn Antonucci

To say Megan Mankerian-Stem travels a lot for her job is an ocean-sized understatement.

As Creighton's director of international enrollment, she logs untold leagues to the distant corners of the world, on a concerted search for future Creighton students from afar.

Just how far? One recent expedition took Mankerian-Stem to India, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Netherlands and Scotland.

Eleven countries, over a span of two and a half months, with stops back to the states mixed in between.

Talk about a complex itinerary.

In each far-flung country along the way, she meets with high school students and their families, looking for those diamonds with that distinctive (Creighton) bluish hue.

The strategy, she points out, is not simply to recruit more students from abroad, but the right students - those who fit the University's mission and can add to the already diverse tapestry of undergraduates who make up Creighton's increasingly globalized campus.

"It tends to be a misunderstanding, as far as what I do,: she says. "There's often an assumption that bringing in international students only brings in more money."

Rather, she says, "it's about bringing in diversity. And finding those students who want to come and be a part of what we're doing at Creighton."

And that, she says, might mean they make a good fit for a particular prehealth program in the College of Arts and Sciences, or mesh well with the culture of the Heider College of Business and its students' drive to find internships and, perhaps, a coveted spot with a Fortune 500 company.

"We really want to find those driven students who want to come here, seize on the opportunities available here on campus, and continue to carry the Creighton name wherever they go after college," Mankerian-Stem says.

Arriving at her post - a newly re-envisioned role for the University - in fall 2016, Mankerian-Stem came from a similar position at Valparaiso University in Indiana.

So she's no stranger to living out of a suitcase, nor the nuances of international recruitment. But the Creighton ethos, she says, pays extra dividends in her line of work, as becoming a Bluejay can have an especially strong draw for that special, certain someone from across the sea.

"The things we're especially good at, we do very well," Mankerian-Stem says. "We have opportunities for students that aren't found elsewhere, along with small class sizes and an EDGE office that supports students all the way through their college years.

"I'm able to talk about these things (with prospective international students) and then I can back that up with proof, in terms of Creighton's success rates," she says.

It's a strategy that bridges miles and cultures - uniting Creighton with the world.

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