Creighton Offers New Majors in Data Science, Biochemistry, Criminal Justice

Creighton Offers New Majors in Data Science, Biochemistry, Criminal Justice

Three majors introduced this year by Creighton University’s College of Arts and Sciences are boosting the University’s profile in the fields of data science, biochemistry and criminal justice.

All three were created in response to student interest and employer demand, according to the professors who helped create them, and all three are experiencing healthy levels of interest.

“There’s really a huge market out there for individuals with criminal justice degrees,” says Rebecca Murray, PhD, associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Criminal justice had previously been a track within Creighton’s Bachelor of Science in sociology.

“Criminal justice as a discipline has morphed into more than law enforcement training,” she says. “It’s much more data-driven, it’s much more analytical, and more and more agencies are looking for people who have a much broader background than just investigative training.”

A similar note is sounded by Aimee Schwab-McCoy, PhD, a statistician and assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics, who helped create the University’s new Bachelor of Science in data science.

“Companies left and right are building divisions or hiring data scientists to manage the volume of data that they have,” Schwab-McCoy says. “Every industry has a demand for data scientists. It can really be tailored to just about any interest.”

Biochemistry, which was previously a track, or subdiscipline, within the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, is not only a sought-after major for those seeking jobs in academia or the biotech industry, but for those aspiring to careers in the health sciences.

“Every class that’s required for students to take as an undergrad for medical school is found in this major,” says Juliane Strauss-Soukup, PhD, BSChm’93, professor in the Department of Chemistry, who helped develop the major. “Dental school wants you to have biochemistry. Pharmacy, too. Any of the health sciences. Biochemistry is the core of everything.”