Standards Committee and Complaint Proceedings

If you feel a member of the CSU government is not fulfilling their duties or a body of CSU is acting against the mission, complete a Complaint Submission Form and submit it to the CSU President, along with the signatures of 30 students.

Once the form is received by CSU, the Standards Committee will be called to evaluate the issue and will give the primary petitioner and CSU member(s) the complaint was filed against a chance to speak. The Standards Committee will consist of a member of each body of CSU unaffiliated with the issue being discussed.

Once the Standards Committee has rendered a decision, they will draft and deliver a memo expressing the views and course of action of the committee to the petitioners and entire CSU government.

If the petitioners have further reason to question the judicial process, they may appeal the decision with the signatures of 200 students and the Standards Committee will be called once again, consisting of entirely new members.

If you have any questions about the process or how to file a complaint, email the CSU President at

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