Helpful Funding Forms

Helpful Funding Forms

**all example forms are based on the same information, so can be cross-checked to explain their relationships**

Organizations requesting CSU funding will be asked to submit a preliminary budget before the event/period and an actual budget following the event/period. Here is a form to help you complete a budget, as well as an example to help with the process.

Budget Template

Organizations funded on a semester or annual basis are also asked to submit an account log for the period. Below is an account log worksheet and an example of a completed account log.

Account Log Worksheet

Example Account Log

All clubs and organizations should consider filling out a monthly reconciliation form to help keep club members and executives aware of how club money is being spent.

Reconciliation Worksheet

Example Reconciliation

Organizations seeking funding for activities that will have alcohol present must fill out and submit CSU's Alcohol Acknowledgement form as well as a copy of the Student Activities Office Request to Serve Alcohol form, which can be found on CU Involved.

Finally, organizations that have tried to get a copy of a receipt but cannot obtain one may fill out this missing receipt form. CSU reserves the right to accept or reject these forms as legitimate receipts.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the vice president for finance at .