Sports Clubs

Sports Club Funding

CSU dedicates up to 7.5% of the student fees we receive each year to the support of sports clubs. To apply for these funds, simply follow this process:

A few things to note regarding the funding process:

  • Your group can now apply for funds on an annual, semester, or event-by-event basis

  • End of Semester Reports are due on the first Friday of December for the fall, and the last Friday of April for the spring

  • You will now discuss your request with the Appropriations Committee, which will solicit input from the Assistant Director for Recreation and Wellness
  • All 2019-2020 annual budgets will be due on April 19, 2019 via CU Involved. CSU is only hearing annual reports for competitive sports clubs.

1) Please, take some time to read through our CSU Funding Policies & Procedures to become familiar with funding procedure.  There are certain stipulations which are not listed on our website which I would like you to be familiar with prior to attending your Appropriations Meeting.

2) Next, you may submit a
Funding Request Form. This form must be submitted through CU Involved no later than 15 university business days before your budgeted expenses are to be incurred. CSU?s portion of CU Involved allows you to submit the following forms: an annual budget, semester budget, or an individual request funding for a single activity or event.

3) Meet with the Appropriations Committee. Once CSU's Vice President for Finance has reviewed your request and processed, you will be invited to attend a meeting of the Appropriations Committee to discuss your request and clarify details which will aid the committee in the allocation decision.

4) Receive a notice of your allocation. Once the Appropriations Committee has decided upon the final amount of monies to be allocated to your event(s), the allocation must then be approved by both our Board of Representatives as well as our President.  Following each of these judiciary processes, your group will notified of its allocation decision.  As there are multiple measures in this process, I appreciate your patience in the receiving you?re decided upon amount.  Finally, since you will be receiving CSU funding, make sure that you include our
logo on all publicity materials for your event!

5) Host your event! Please keep in mind that CSU will not fund assets, non-student expenses, alcohol, gift cards, donations, and a few other items. But you already know that, since you've read through our
Policies & Procedures.

6) Submit an
Activity Report Form. Following each event for which you received CSU funding, submit this form found on CU Involved which details your actual revenues and expenses for the activity. In order to justify funding your organization when it comes time for our audit, we require that you submit original, itemized receipts for everything you purchased for the event, whether or not you are asking CSU to fund the particular item. The receipts should be scanned into your personal desktop and sent via PDF format along with your activity report. Please remember, submission of this report must be within 15 university business days following your event through CU Involved.

7) Receive reimbursement! If you applied for reimbursement funding, within 3 weeks, the CSU funding will be transferred into your organization's account whether with CFCU or a different bank. CSU will cover your expenses up to the amount allocated.

The CSU funding process is a relatively seamless way to find funding support for your organizations? needs.  Please if you should have any questions or concerns along the way, I would love to be a resource to you and am willing to find a time to meet and discuss your needs.  Feel free to contact me anytime at

Finally, don't forget to check out our Helpful Forms page for both worksheets and examples of account logs, budgets, and reconciliations!

Thanks for the interest in our site!

Best Regards,

Colin Lakeman
Vice President for Finance
Creighton Students Union