Undergraduate College and School Governments

Undergraduate Government Funding

Applying for CSU funding as an undergraduate government is a simple, easy to understand process and is only open to the Arts & Sciences Student Senate, the College of Business Congress, and the Nursing Senate. Let's walk through it.

A few things to note regarding the funding process:

  • Your group can now apply for funds on an annual, semester, or event-by-event basis
  • End of Semester Reports are due on the first Friday of December for the fall, and the last Friday of April for the spring
  • You will now discuss your request with the Appropriations Committee

1) Read through our Policies & Procedures to become familiar with our process and stipulations not listed on the website so that nothing takes you by surprise.

2) Complete a Funding Request Form and submit through CU Involved, which will be reviewed by the vice president for finance. You may submit a request for funding for an annual budget or semester budget. If you are just filling out the request for a single activity, the procedures for undergraduate organizations will be followed.

3) Meet with the Appropriations Committee.  Once CSU's vice president for finance has reviewed your request, you will be invited to attend a meeting of the Appropriations Committee to discuss your request and clarify details which will help them make a decision.

4) Receive notice of allocation.  Once the Appropriations Committee has decided the amount of money to allocate to your event(s), and the allocation has received approval by both the Board of Representatives and the president, you will be informed of the allocation. CSU will fund you up to the allocated amount.

5) Receive CSU funding.  Within 3 weeks, your CSU funding allocation for a  semester will be transferred into your account.

6) Hold your events!  Keep in mind that CSU will not fund assets, non student expenses, alcohol, gift cards, donations, and a few other items. There are a few exceptions to this, but you already know that, since you've read through our Policies & Procedures.

7) Submit your End of Semester Report. This report is due by the first Friday of December for the fall and the last Friday in April for the spring. The report must be submitted through CU Involved. All original, itemized receipts for any expenses incurred over the semester, regardless of how they were funded, should be turned in to the Student Activities Office, attn VP for Finance.

8) Settle up.  All of your CSU funding needs to be accounted for at the end of each semester. Any unspent/unaccounted for funds from fall semester will be subtracted from your spring allocation; any unspent/unaccounted for funds from spring semester will be swept from your account.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to email me at csufin@creighton.edu. I would be happy to set up a meeting with you, or to address concerns via email.

Also, don't forget to check out our Helpful Forms page for both worksheets and examples of account logs, budgets, and reconciliations!

Alex Kubicek
Vice President for Finance
Creighton Students Union