National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference

CSU is planning on attending the 2018 National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference July 18-21 at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY!

The 2018 NJSLC theme "Ignite Your Magis" was intentionally created by focusing on our Jesuit value of Magis with the intent of focusing on how we add depth to what we do as leaders.


Six students involved in CSU or the Freshman Leadership Program will present at this conference.


Servant Leadership: Denying Power for the Greater Good
Jessie Lee and Karli Sugar

In Servant Leadership, people tend to put others before themselves, but to what extent should you put others before yourself? A servant leader does not seek their own glory but finds joy in those they serve as they are not preoccupied with visibility and recognition. People who chose to lead this way lead through love and teach others rather than disciplining them, coaching rather than coercing. This type of leadership generates self-growth and a more positive atmosphere as integrity is preserved in the face of opposition. In this session we will discuss how leadership is achieved through service to others not power.

Diversity and Inclusion: The Key to Success
Ryan King and Ethan Elumba

The promotion of diversity and inclusion is often difficult to achieve in colleges and university, including Catholic affiliated schools. However, as Jesuit universities, we must remember that one of our values calls us to be ?men and women for and with others?. One of the ways we can achieve this notion is an awareness, understanding, and (as close to we can get to) competency among our races, ethnicities, genders, religions, and sexualities.  By doing so, our student bodies, faculties, and staffs will be more aware to cultures and demographics outside their own, therefore being more empathetic and sympathetic with a wide variety of people - no matter where they lie on the demographic spectrum. We hope that after this presentation our audience will have a better appreciation of the value diversity brings not only to a university, understand better what diversity really is, and leave with some tangible examples of how to better implement diversity and cultural competency into their own campuses.

Difficult Discourse: Sparking Social Engagement in Divided Times
Patrick Marta and Maddie Tagaloa

College campuses bring together a wide variety of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This heterogeneity of thought within an academic setting presents a relatively unique opportunity. As students formed by the Jesuit ideals, it is our responsibility to share and listen; honest and respectful dialogue is integral to our values. This session will focus on how leaders on colleges campus can create welcoming spaces conducive for intentional dialogue and the sharing of perspectives. We will share our experiences, while also providing a space for others to share how they have navigated the ever-changing college campus culture. 


To learn more about the 2018 NJSLC Conference click here.