2017 NJSLC - Georgetown University

CSU attended the 2017 National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference July 19-23 at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.!

The 2017 NJSLC theme "Set the World on Fire" was intentionally created by focusing on the Ignatian principles of action-oriented dialogue, speakers, and steps moving forward. NJSLC, delegates from the Jesuit universities have an opportunity to come together and explore how they will connect with each other. The delegation will also have the opportunity to visit Capitol Hill and attending meetings to interact with members of congress about issues important to students.


Four students involved in CSU will present at the 2017 National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference.


Title: Battling Stereotypes: Women in Leadership and Defining Masculinity

Dhruti Tummalapalli and Emily Newcomb


Description: Whether a person identifies as male or female, they are often pigeonholed into popular stereotypes that surround their gender. It is often very tricky to navigate around these gendered stereotypes, especially when trying to grow and develop one?s own leadership style. In this session, we hope to provide insight to everyone regarding the stereotypes that both genders face, facilitate discussion, through activities, that are personalized to the experiences that our participants have faced, and to finally provide participants with skills to understand and break the popular gender stereotypes in their leadership roles and at their universities. 


Title:  Butting Heads or Kicking Butt: Strategies and Outcomes of Opposite Personalities Collaborating

Emily Newcomb and Nolan Niehus


Description:  The world is composed of diverse personalities and leadership styles, and sometimes it can be tricky navigating these differences.  Through education and clear communication, a team can become a more cohesive unit utilizing their strengths.  In this session, we will begin by helping participants gain a greater understanding of their own personalities.  Following this strong foundation, we will go beyond ourselves and start getting to know others and the similarities and differences that unite us.  Once this collaboration is achieved, we will dive into real life situations in which this bond has been successful in promoting team effectiveness and unity.


Title: Followership: The Essence of Leadership

Connor Campbell

Leadership is a term that is pushed on us constantly. We are called to be leaders, we feel a certain pressure to be leaders, but to what end? Being a good follower is equally as important as being a good leader, and this concept is often times neglected. In order to be a successful leader, one must also know how to be a follower and when to let others take charge. As students at Jesuit Universities and the future leaders of our world, being a follower is a critical part in helping to make our communities a better a place.