Presidential Fellowship

2014 CSU Presidential Fellows Program

The Creighton Students Union Presidential Fellowship enters its second year in the 2014-2015 school year. The Creighton Students Union is the comprehensive student government at Creighton University - all nine schools and colleges have representation within CSU. The CSU Presidential Fellowship gives first semester students the opportunity to become involved with student government before our annual elections in November.

The Presidential Fellows will have the unique opportunity to develop their leadership skills through networking with current student leaders, Creighton administrators, and Omaha community leaders. Presidential Fellows will also partake in an Ignatian Leadership seminar and begin to explore the underlying values that explain why they believe what they believe.

The Presidential Fellowship will consist of approximately fifteen first-year Creighton students who will take part in leadership development programs, experience the ins and outs of CSU programming, legislate on the behalf of the Class of 2017, and much more. The Presidential Fellows will meet with the President of the Creighton Students Union on Friday afternoons in Room 209 of the Skutt Student Center from 12:30 to 1:45. Presidential Fellowship invitations will be extended by the Creighton Students Union in early March, 2014.

The Leadership Development aspect of the Presidential Fellowship has been broken down into three categories. Guest speakers will attend our weekly meetings and speak about leadership as it relates to one of the three categories (see below).

Ignatian Leadership: Go Forth and Set the World on Fire
Speakers and guests in this leadership category will speak on the importance of value-driven leadership. Fellows will be challenged to find, examine, and hone the things they truly value and will be challenged to carry those specific values forward through their leadership.

Creighton Leadership: Leading With One Foot Raised 
Speakers and guests in this leadership category will speak in regards to the "practical" side of leadership: how to get involved at Creighton and in Omaha. Fellows will meet administrators, student leaders, community leaders, and will be exposed to programs at Creighton and in Omaha that they can become involved with right away and begin to implement their leadership skills and unleash their potential.

Pedro Arrupe: Fall in Love, Stay in Love, and it Will Decide Everything
Speakers and guests in this leadership category will challenge Fellows to discover the issues and organizations they are passionate about. One key element of Jesuit education is the value of inquiry. Through thoughtful discussion, observation, and inquiry, we are forced to contemplate the positions we hold. Following this contemplation and reflection, we can either form a new position on an issue or strengthen our already held belief. This leadership category will challenge fellows to find their passion and discuss how to lead on behalf and in respect to this passion.

Confirmed Speaker List
Timothy Lannon, SJ - President, Creighton University

Tentative Speaker List
Creighton Administrators
Members of the Creighton Jesuit Community
Omaha Community Leaders
Student Leaders
Creighton Faculty Members

Dates to Remember

Meeting Dates: Fridays (Beginning August 29th, 2014), 12:30 PM, Skutt 209

Priority Move-In Day: Friday, August 22nd, 2013
*All CSU Presidential Fellows will be given move-in times on Friday.

Welcome Lunch and Reception: Saturday, August 23rd, 2013
*The CSU Executive Committee will host a lunch for all Fellows and their families on Saturday, August 23rd (Location TBD). We encourage all to attend to kick-off the program and network with student leaders and Creighton administrators before the program officially begins on August 29th.

Please direct any and all questions to the President of the Creighton Students Union, Kayman Nixon (