Since 2013, CURAS has been supporting and encouraging undergraduate research and scholarship at Creighton.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration at Work

We help both undergraduate students and faculty build bridges across academic units. We are here to both forge new paths and continue building on existing successful programs. We identify areas where undergraduate research is strongest - and there are many - and facilitate development of external grant applications to support further research and scholarly activity.

Telling the Story of Research at Creighton

By providing platforms for the accomplishments and hard work of undergraduate student and faculty researchers, we are constantly curating a portfolio of their research and scholarly activity. We're not part of a single school or college - we represent the entire University.

33% of students participate in research; about 200 students present research annually

Undergraduate research opportunities and demand have grown immensely over the past 5-10 years.

  • The number of students in the sciences registering for Directed Independent Research courses has quadrupled from about 100 students in 2007 to about 400 in 2014.
  • Many freshmen are now getting involved in research projects and are performing research throughout their undergraduate careers. Such opportunities aren't available to freshmen at most peer institutions.
  • Creighton offer undergraduate researchers more than 40 funded summer fellowships. Most of these are funded by Creighton, while 6 are funded by a National Institutes of Health INBRE (IDeA Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence) grant.

Research productivity from Creighton's undergraduate research students is exceptional.

  • Undergraduate science research projects have resulted in approximately 150 student scholarly presentations per year in science fields alone (from biology, biochemistry, chemistry and physics students). The total number of undergraduate student presentations on scholarly work exceeds 400 per year.
  • Undergraduate science research projects have resulted in approximately 30 peer-reviewed publications per year (from biology, biochemistry, chemistry and physics faculty) with undergraduates as co-authors.