Faculty Led Research Across Campus

Treating PTSD

Dr. Amy Badura-Brack and Reut Naim, M.S., from Tel Aviv University have published their findings on the use of the game and a new technique called attention training in a paper that reports promising results for the treatment of military veterans with PTSD. The study, titled “Effect of Attention Training on Attention Bias Variability and PTSD Symptoms: Randomized Controlled Trials in Israeli and U.S. Combat Veterans” has been published by The American Journal of Psychiatry.

Dr. Badura-Brack also worked with fellow Creighton College of Arts and Sciences Psychology faculty member Dr. Maya Khanna, and student Timothy McDermott, CURAS Ambassador, Class of 2015, and Tara Ryan, CU alumnae.

Faculty Led Research

Heider College of Business Faculty have a lot of students to be proud of. In the last few months, the work of faculty and students has garnered many accolades.

Two of Michael Thomas's students participated successfully in the Menger Undergraduate Essay Competition and will be presenting their research from his class at the Southern Economic Association Meetings in New Orleans in November:

  • Michael Kotrous (winner), "Economic Growth and Income Inequality: A Public Choice Analysis"
  • Austin Spillane (honorable mention, '15), "On Government Growth: Competing Ideas from Schumpeter & Cowen"

Three Werner-Robertson Research Scholars from the Institute for Economic Inquiry are graduating and have completed their research white papers: