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Eppley 314

"Research is an exciting way to learn. It involves delving deeper into a subject than traditional textbook learning. For me, I find research so fascinating because it is something that you canít find on Google. The answer requires hours of studying, testing, and analyzing results."

Dylan Goto, B.S. Chemistry, Biology 2015

Funding for Students

Where can students find funding for research and travel? We hear this question often, and have some help for you. 

Student Travel -- CURAS has a travel fund for students attending conferences to present their research. To apply, please consult the CURAS Undergraduate Travel Award Policy and submit your proposal directly to Dr. Soukup at jksoukup@creighton.edu.

Research -- CURAS offers many funding opportunities for research for both students and faculty throughout the year. Reinert-Alumni Library also has an extensive collection of funding sources on their website. Additionally, they offer excellent research assistance and an undergraduate research award.

Students - Summer 2017

Dr. Randy Ferlic learns about an undergraduate research project.

Seven different types of summer research scholarships are available to Creighton undergraduates:

  • College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Summer Undergraduate Research Scholarship
  • Ferlic Summer Research Scholarships
  • Honors Program Research Scholarships
  • Department of History Summer Research Scholarship
  • Jesuit Mission Summer Research Scholarship
  • CURAS Director's Summer Research Scholarship
  • Clare Boothe Luce Summer Research Scholarship

The application deadline for these scholarships is 4:30 PM on February 1, 2017. Complete applications include both a cover sheet and project proposal. Further instructions can be found here.

Please contact curas@creighton.edu if you have further questions.

View a list of our 2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows.

Check out other student opportunities around the country!

Opportunities for Faculty

The Summer Faculty Research Fellowship Award fosters scholarship among the full-time teaching faculties of the College of Arts and Sciences, Heider College of Business, and School of Law.

The CURAS Faculty Research Fund supports and enhances the research and scholarly work of full-time faculty with undergraduate research students.