Faculty Summer Research Fellowships

Summer Faculty Fellowships

The Summer Faculty Research Fellowship Award fosters scholarship among the full-time teaching faculties of the College of Arts and Sciences, Heider College of Business, and the School of Law. The award is intended to relieve a faculty member from his/her summer teaching and other obligations in order to conduct research and pursue scholarly goals during the summer months.

Fellowships will be offered only to full-time, tenure-track faculty holding a terminal degree in their field. Traditionally, the award includes a stipend for the faculty member plus some funding for direct costs.

View the 2018 Summer Faculty Research Fellowship Request for Applications.

2017 Summer Faculty Fellowship Awards

Dr. Julie Soukup, Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship, along with Dr. Gail Jensen, Dean of the College of Professional Studies and Graduate School, are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Summer Faculty Research Fellowships:

Dr. Simon Appleford, History
"Herblock, the Culture Wars, and the Collapse of Postwar Liberalism”

Dr. Jay Carney, Theology
"‘For God and my Country’: Catholic Leadership in Postcolonial Uganda”

Dr. Julia Feder, Theology
"Trauma and Salvation: A Theology of Healing”

Dr. Jeff Hause, Philosophy
"Neighborly Correction and the Ethics of Charity"

Dr. Dimitrios Katsavelis, Exercise Science
"The Effect of Auditory Cues During Running on Joint Loading of People with Reconstructed Anterior Cruciate Ligament"

Dr. Kayode Oshin, Chemistry
"Calculating activation rate constant values (kact) in Atom Transfer Radical Addition (ATRA) reactions utilizing modified tris-(2-(amino)ethyl)amine (TREN) based copper complexes"

Dr. Samantha Senda-Cook, Communications Studies
"Place, Memory, and Rhetorical Criticism"

Dr. Eric Villa, Chemistry
"In-situ Ligand Formation via Oxidation-Reduction Reactions within Lanthanide-Oxoanion Systems – A Single-Crystal Investigation"