Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Dr. Julie Soukup, Director; Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Meghan Freeman, Research Program Planner

Dr. Gail Jensen, Dean of the Graduate School and College of Professional Studies; Vice Provost for Learning and Assessment

Dr. Bridget Keegan, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences; Professor of English

Dr. Holly Ann Harris, Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences; Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Simon Appleford, Assistant Professor of History; Associate Director of the Creighton Digital Humanities Initiative

Dr. Erin Averett, Associate Professor of Fine & Performing Arts

Dr. Alekha Dash, Professor and Chair of Pharmacy Sciences, School of Pharmacy and Health Professions

Dr. Betsy Elliot-Meisel, Associate Professor of History

Dr. Amanda Holman, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Dr. Jeffrey Hause, Honors Program Director, Professor of Philosophy and Classical and Near Eastern Studies

Dr. Martin Hulce, Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Michael Kelly, Senator Allen A. Sekt Endowed Chair in Law; Associate Dean for Faculty Research and International Programs; Professor of Law, School of Law

Dr. Joan Lappe, Professor of Nursing, College of Nursing

Dr. Kate Sheehan, Assistant Professor of Economics, Heider College of Business

Dr. Garrett Soukup, Professor of Biomedical Science, School of Medicine 

Dr. Greg Zacharias, Professor of English

Dr. Carol Zuegner, Associate Professor of Journalism, Media, and Computing