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Undergraduate Student Reseacher Spotlight

Mary Elizabeth Yeh

"I am deeply grateful for my CURAS grant because without it, I may never have learned so much about MEG and about the known effects of lead on cognitive and brain development."

-Mary Elizabeth Yeh
Neuroscience major
Honolulu, Hawai'i
Class of 2018

Ready to get involved in an undergraduate research project or looking for the latest opportunity? Hundreds of Creighton students participate in undergraduate research projects each year. By participating in research, students:

Undergraduate Research Fair

  • gain hands-on experience
  • explore their passions
  • work closely alongside and develop strong mentoring relationships with accomplished faculty members
  • contribute to the knowledge base in your field
  • make a difference

Our CURAS ambassadors are excellent examples of the work that is being done at Creighton. Fill out the "Ask an Ambassador" form to chat with an experienced research student about the research process and opportunities here at Creighton.

CURAS supports undergraduate research by offering various scholarships and grants. More information on these opportunities can be found here.

If you are a student looking to learn more about undergraduate research opportunities on campus, feel free to reach out to Research Program Planner Meghan Freeman.

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