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Dental Degree Program

Creighton University School of Dentistry has a four-year program that awards a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree.

The four-year predoctoral education program is designed to provide maximum opportunity for clinical application of basic concepts.

Year 1 Basic and preclinical sciences with introduction to clinical situations. Values and ethics courses permeate all four years of cirriculum.

Year 2
Continuation of basic and preclinical sciences with more emphasis on preclinical technique courses and introduction of definitive patient care.

Year 3
Continuation of clinical sciences, initiation of the dental practice management curriculum and comprehensive care of dental patients.

Year 4
Continuation of clinical and practice management coursework and comprehensive clinical care of dental patients. A number of senior elective courses are also available.

Essentially this competency-based curriculum is a progression of experiences from basic and preclinical sciences to mastery of clinical skills. 

Clinical and Research Opportunities

The School of Dentistry is unique in that it does not have any graduate specialty programs. With over 45,000 patient visits to the dental clinic each year, Creighton Dental Students are provided with a diverse clinical experience. Dental graduates are able to coordinate, with confidence, all phases of comprehensive dental care while providing directly a wide variety of general oral healthcare services.

Students who have an interest in pursuing research, particularly clinical research, have an excellent opportunity to work with faculty in many areas under the administration of the Associate Dean for Research and the Student Research Group.