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Department Chair


R. Scott Shaddy DDS
Department Chair and Associate Professor
Room 215     (402) 280-5226


Full-Time Faculty

Wayne W. Barkmeier DDS, MS
Dean Emeritus and Professor

Room 354A     (402) 280-5912

Thomas P. Berry BS, DDS
Assistant Professor

Room 215      (402) 280-5103

Lucinda R. Carroll BS, DDS, BFA
Associate Professor
Room 215      (402) 280-4569

W. Thomas Cavel DDS
Room 215     (402) 280-5078

Dennis R. Higginbotham DDS
Associate Professor
Dr. Raymond W. Shaddy Endowed Chair in Operative Dentistry, Chairholder
Room 215     (402) 280-4586 

James H. Howard BS, DDS, MS

Senior Associate Dean for Clinical and External Affairs and Associate Professor
Dr. Edward J. "Eddie" and Neta DeRose Endowed Chair in Dentistry, Chairholder

William P. Kelsey III DDS
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration and Professor

Mark A. Latta AB, DMD, MS
Dean and Professor

Luke F. Matranga DDS, MS
Associate Professor

Room 215     (402) 280-4556

Stuart J. McNally BS, DDS
Assistant Professor
Room 215     (402) 280-5643

Bruce Mowat DDS
Associate Professor
Room 221     (402) 280-5621

Carol M. Murdock DDS, MBA
Assistant Dean of Clinical Operations and Associate Professor

William T. Naughton BA, DDS
Associate Professor
Room 215     (402) 280-4565

James D. O'Meara BA, DDS
Associate Professor
Room 215     (402) 280-3420

Kevin P. Ryan BS, DDS
Assistant Professor

Room 221     (402) 280-5087