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Welcome from the Department Chair, Dr. Takanari Miyamoto

The goals for the Department of Periodontics are 1) to provide the dental students of Creighton University School of Dentistry with a high quality education, cultivate their abilities to provide evidence based periodontal treatment to their patients in a friendly and professional atmosphere and 2) to conduct a productive research to shape the future of periodontics.


Specific Goals:

Research: The Department of Periodontics recognizes that research is as equally important as education. We will actively look for the opportunities to bring resources from outside, which may include but not limited to research grants from dental corporations, a recruitment of research faculty and/or collaboration with other departments and/or institutions.
Education: The Department of Periodontics will promote evidence based dental education.  It will be incorporated to our didactic as well as clinical educational component through our curriculum.
Faculty Recruitment: This is a key component of a long term success of the Department of Periodontics. We will NOT be a passive observer; “just wait and see attitude” is not an acceptable mindset.  We will actively approach future candidates and motivate them to join Creighton University.
Advanced Dental Education: The Department of Periodontics will actively participate in the education of advanced periodontics and implant dentistry. We will seek opportunities to increase the number of clinical sessions as well as senior elective courses for perio/implant advanced procedures.
Global Outreach: The Department of Periodontics understands that national and international recognition is critical.  We will seek the chance for global outreach through international publication, continuing education programs, and/or recruitment of adjunctive faculties from outside of United States.
In closing, a vision for the future state of the department, the behaviors and attitudes as well as the structure and systems will be developed to achieve the goals stated above.  The process requires a sequence of events including speeches, meetings, educational programs and personnel decisions.  The input and expertise from full-time and part-time faculty and staff will also be critical as we work together to choose to be excellent.