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Prosthodontics  >  Faculty

Department Chair


Dennis E. Nilsson BS, DDS, MS
Department Chair and Professor
Room 235     (402) 280-3404 

Full-Time Faculty

Gerald C. Brundo BS, DDS, MA
Dean Emeritus and Professor
Room 224B     (402) 280-5266 

Gregory L. Davis BA, DDS
Director of Multicultural and Community Affairs and Assistant Professor
Room 235     (402) 280-3406

Scott C. Di Lorenzo BA, DDS
Associate Professor of Prosthodontics
Room 232     (402) 280-5695

Thomas R. Meng, Jr. BA, DDS
Assistant Director of Clinics, Coordinator for Program and Facility Planning and Associate Professor
Room 235     (402) 280-5083

James L. Sheets BA, DDS
Associate Professor
Room 232     (402) 280-5635

Jared H. Smith DDS, MS
Associate Professor
Room 235A     (402) 280-5084


Randy E. Stout BS, DDS
Assistant Professor
Room 235     (402) 280-3403

Charles W. Wilcox DDS, MS
Director of Implantology and Professor
Room 232     (402) 280-5080  

Terry M. Wilwerding DDS, MSed, MS
Director of Dental History and Professor
Dr. Oscar S. Belzer Endowed Chair in Dentistry, Chairholder
Room 232     (402) 280-5081