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I can't seem to edit any fields - a Firefox bug

Not a Typo3 issue

While this is not a Typo3 issue, it's a Firefox issue, so many of us use Firefox I thought I'd mention it.

I've found it occurring most with Mac Firefox users but it still occurs with Windows Firefox users. 

Sometimes, especially after you've used a popup box (like adding a link, or an image to a page), suddenly it seems you can no longer edit (add, change or delete) anything from any textbox or text area.    Although you can highlight things in the textbox or text area (this includes the Rich Text Editor), you can do nothing else.  This isn't limited to Typo3's textboxes or textareas, it's even the address textbox at the top of the browser. And keyboard commands act oddly (enter may close the box instead of adding a line for example).

This is a Firefox bug and while I cannot find it mentioned anywhere (Firefox's bug list for exampel), I have found a workaround for it.  Switch to another application (don't close Firefox, just switch).  Does not matter what you change to, just move to another application.  Then go back to Firefox.  You should be able to carry on then.  

Sometimes this doesn't work though and all you can do is close and reopen Firefox.  So save often.

You can also use Typo 3 in any of the other major browsers, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari etc.  I've not seen this issue in any of these.  

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