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I deleted a link but it still shows


Why sometimes links will not go away

Deleting a link in the Rich Text Editor looks like it should be simple.  Just delete the words and voila it's gone.  However it doesn't always work.  Sometimes when you think you've deleted a link, you find that it's still on the site.  Not only that but you can no longer see it in the Rich Text Editor. 

How can this happen?

Sometimes when a link is added, the space or spaces behind it will be included in the link.

If you then decide to delete the link by highlighting the word(s) and deleting the words without removing the link first; you can by accident, leave the spaces which still contain the link.  And while it will not show up in the Rich Text Editor, sometimes it will show up on the page.  

Here it looks like it's gone in the Rich Text Editor.

But when you look at the page.  It's still there.

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Real World Example

In doing some work on a site recently I came across an excellent example of this.  Someone had added then deleted the words to a link, without deleting the link first.

On the page:

The unwanted link is "fileadmin/user/COBA/EconomicOutlook/docs/Creighton_Investor_Fall_2005.pdf"


In the Rich Text Editor:

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Fixing this by editing the HTML

When this happens the only thing you can do is go in and edit the HTML to remove the link.  PLEASE NOTE: If you are at all uncomfortable doing this, contact the webteam (ex. 3663) and we'll be happy to assist you in correcting this.

To do this click the <> above the Rich Text Editor.

To edit the HTML to find the errant link you will click the <> above the Rich Text Editor.

Click to see larger image:

You then will need to find the link in the HTML, and delete it.  In the below, it's pretty obvious (see the <a href="" clas="enternal-link-new-window" title="Opens external link in new window"><br /></a>), however it's not always very easy.  

Click to see larger image:

How to properly delete a link.

To avoid the above you need to delete the link before deleting the words.  To do this, highlight the link in the rich text editor (you do not have to highlight whole link).  Then you can do it one of two ways.

1.  Then right click and pull down to "Remove Link".


You would then get a dialog box to confirm that you indeed want to do this.


2.  Again highlight the link.  You do not need to highlight the entire link. and click the "Insert Web Link" icon above the editor.


In the "Insert/Modify Link" dialog box, click on the tab "Remove Link".

You will not get a "Do you really want to do this" dialog box.  The link will be removed.


Once you've removed the link.  Then delete the words.

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