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My page looks wrong in View


Using View Module in the new version of Typo3

While the view module offers a more engaging and perhaps easier to use way to edit your content.  And while you can do things in this version of Typo3's View module that you couldn't do before.  This ability comes with some caveats.  

1.  As  before the way your page looks in the View module may NOT be how it appears to users in a regular browser.  Never think that because it looks wrong in the View module that it is wrong to everyone.

2.  Javascript on your pages may not (most likely won't) behave correctly in the view module.  Why because the new view module is Javascript so your Javascript is trying to work with their Javascript.  And often it won't work.  So do not expect it to.

3.  Because of the shiny new look (and the Javascript involved in creating this).  Yes it's slower.  If you want it to be faster, basically use the page module or the list module.

Why does my site look different in the View Module than it does in the browser?

I strongly advise against using the View module to see what your webpage will look like.  While handy, the View module is inside of Typo3 and the Typo3 application could possibly influence how your page looks.  For example it's doubtful you will have a page with little "edit" pencils on it. 

I was looking for a good illustration of this and took a look at our home page in the View Module.  While it's usually never this bad, the day I viewed it though the "View" module it decided to show me just what can go wrong when you try and work with a page in the View Module.

All of the larger images linked below are large!

Creighton's home page seen in the View module - Click image for full size:


This is the live page on the site (image taken within 3 minutes of above image) in Macintosh Firefox 3.6.

Click on image for full size:

Different browers

The webteam here at Creighton code so that our site/pages look the same (or very very close) in all major browsers on Mac and PC.   Sometimes minor difference can be seen if one looks closely (spacing is often slightly different in different browsers).  

We support all major browsers and all recent versions of those browsers.  If a browser is no longer supported by the folk who created it or the platform it's used on (Macintosh Internet Explorer for example), then it's unlikely that we will support it.  New browsers appear everyday, with all the possible versions of every browser, the number available is in the high hundreds.  We don't have the staff to support every version of every browser available on all major platforms.


Getting Help

If you find your site is having problems, please contact the webteam. Let us know what operating system you are on and what browser (and what version of that browser) you are using.

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