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Adding bookmarks in a page


Creating a FAQ or page with Sections bookmarked

When you create a content element in Typo3, there is usually a checkbox "Index" on the General tab.  When checked Typo3 indexes the content so that it's easier to find.  In doing that it also makes it so that you can bookmark content or link to specific content elements from other pages.

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Creating an automatic content menu

The links at the top of a FAQ page or many of the pages in this manual are section menus.  That means that Typo3 automatically generates a link to all indexed content elements.

In order for a content element to be included in the section menu you need to have the "Index" check box in the General tab checked.

Make sure that all the elements that you want in the menu have this checked.  If you do not want an element to show up in the menu, deselect the "Index" check box.

At the top of the page (or anywhere you wish the section index to be) create a new content element.  Choose "Menu/Sitemap" for the content element Type.

Then on the "Menu/Sitemap" tab, choose "Section Index (pagecontent w/Index checked)".

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Typo3 will then automatically generate a menu using the Header text for the link.

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Manually creating a content menu - linking to content

There may be times that you want to create a content menu manually or you need to link to a specific content element.  Create the text that you want to use for the links. Highlight the text and click on the "Insert/Modify Link" icon as you would to create any link.  However instead of clicking on the pagetitle as you would for a link to the whole page, you'll click on the small red arrow to the right of the pagetitle.  This will bring in all the content elements you can link to.

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Click on the content element that corresponds with the text in your link. 

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