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Add or change images in a image rotator

I'd like to add change images in my flash image rotator

We often put the folders that hold the images shown in site image rotators where you can access them.  Then to add to or delete from all you need to do is upload a new image to that folder or delete the one you no longer wish there. 

You need to check with the webteam to see what size the images need to be as having one that is a different size than the rest may not look good.  

And obviously you need to have permission to edit the site and access the folder.

I'd like to change the speed of the rotator

Each of the flash rotators have a parameters file that goes with it.  Usually we keep this file in the same folder as your images.  That means you can change the parameters to speed up or slow down how the images rotate.  

Below are an example of the parameters in the file.  1000 milliseconds = 1 second.

  fade_in_duration  = # of milliseconds to use as a fade-in
  fade_out_duration = # of milliseconds to use as a fade-out
  display_duration  = # of milliseconds to display each image (excluding fade-in and fade-out)
  gap_duration      = # of milliseconds to use as a gap between fade-out and fade-in of the next image

fade_in_duration = 3000;
fade_out_duration = 3000;
display_duration = 7000;
gap_duration = 0;

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