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Adding, changing or deleting something does not show up!


A very common problem!

This is such a common problem that I decided to include it in the root of the help section.

So you've added/changed/deleted something; a page, content, image, really it doesn't matter what; and it still shows or won't show on your site.   

This can be very very frustrating.

Web applications aim to be helpful - why this happens

We can all remember a time when the internet was slow.  When we waited for pages to pull in.  To help with this issue almost all web applications cache pages.  That is they keep a copy of a page, it's content and images ready to show, sometimes on your computer, sometimes on the server.  Your browsers keep copies of pages, content, images cached on your hard drive and Typo3 keeps pages cached on the server.  While the intent is good, it can end up irritating when you are trying to update your site.


If this change should show up immediately, make sure you are in the Live workspace, not in the Draft workspace.  If you have added, changed or deleted something in the Draft workspace, it won't show on your live site. For more on using the Draft workspace see "Site life cycle - Versioning"

Also, if you've added something and it doesn't show, make sure it's where you think it is and that it isn't hidden.  I know that seems rudimentary but it happens.

How to fix this - clearing your browser's cache

Do this first.  Especially if the errant item in question is a flash pulling in images that are separate from it (our rotational flash for example).

Instructions on how to clear your browser's cache is a bit beyond the scope of this manual.  Plus others have done a good job describing how to do this.

The WikiHow gives a good description on how to do this for most major browsers.

How to fix this - Clearing Typo3's cache

This is for content deletion or page/content changes.  A deleted page will not be there to use this method.  To do this you have to be in the Page module or in the List module.  The View module does not have this feature! 

In the upper right corner of the work area for the page module or list module for a highlighted page you will what looks like a small lighting bolt that has a red circle with an x in it at the end of it. When you mouse over it you will see "Clear cache for this page".

You will not see this if you are in a content element or in the page properties. You will only see it if you are in the base page module or list module for a highlighted page.  


Click the "Clear Cache for this page" to clear Typo3's cache for this page.

Clear cache for this page in List module.  Click image for full size:

Clear cache for this page in Page module.  Click image for full size:

How to fix this - contact the webteam

Sometimes neither of these methods seem to work.  When that happens a member of the webteam can clear all of Typo3's caches and if necessary investigate further.  So don't hesitate to contact the webteam for assistance.

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