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I want to change the way my site looks

We want to update the look for our site!

This is a good thing to do every couple of years.  It helps to keep return users engaged and the site fresh and we encourage you do rethink your site's look every few years. 

What can it look like?

While we celebrate the uniqueness of all our varied departments, divisions, schools, clubs and groups, Creighton is moving toward a unified look.  In this way we can celebrate all of the pieces parts of Creighton and still have all of them say "This is Creighton".

Even though we are moving toward a unified look there is still room for individuality.  So contact the webteam about getting your site designed or even redesigned

How do I get a new look for my site

Contact the webteam for more information.  How fast we can do this depends on a number of factors.  

  • The new design, how complex is it?  Is there changes on the subpages, changes in the look?
  • Is there a lot of dynamic functions (javascript etc)
  • How many other projects are ahead of yours in the schedule
  • If this is total restructuring of your site, then whether or not you actually get the content moved/changed.  

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