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Adding a new page to your site


One method of creating a new page is covered on page 26 of the Basic training manual (here).  You can also find it in the Basic training on Bluetrain.

Creating a new page in List Module

Once again Typo3 provides many ways to create new pages.  In addition to the excellent instructions given during training, you can create new pages in List by either clicking the "Create new Record" icon or clicking the "Create new page after this page" icon.

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If you click "Create new record" at the top of the List workarea, you will get the following:

"Click here for wizard" will take you to the new page wizard.

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Creating a new page in the Page Module

In the page module you can create a new page using the "New Page" icon at the top of the workarea over your page's columns.

This will take you directly to the new page wizard.

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Creating a new page in View Module

You can  only do this from the pagetree contextual menu (ADD LINK).  The View module itself has no way to add new pages.

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New page wizard

When you are using the wizard to place a new page you will get a list of all the pages that in the same level and section of the page tree as the page you are currently on. You will also get all the subpages to the current page.


When you mouse over an "Insert the new page here" arrow it will turn green (really it does, hard to see but it really does!).

One limitation of the wizard is that you cannot move to a higher or lower level of pages, you can only add the new page at the same level as your current page or as a subpage of it.  However when moving a page (using the "move page" icon in the list module or the move page using the page contextual menu) you can move all though the pagetree.

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Adding a new page's properties

Once you've chosen where you want to put your new page, you will get the Page NEW screen where you get the "Standard" page properties tabs.  Generally the only required field for all types of page is the pagetitle, but there may be more depending on the type of page you need.  Since it is a new page you will get the parent page's pagetitle and ID at the top of the tabs.

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If it's a standard page type (this is the type of page that most people use, it's the type of page that holds content), you should think about giving it a Subtitle and a Navigation title as well as the pagetitle.  You can find out more about these fields in "Naming pages"

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