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Folder and files - Work area


Top Menu

Click image for full size:

  1. Upload Files - upload from 1 to 10 files into this folder
  2. New - create a new file or folder
  3. Reload - refresh this view
  4. Up one level - go up one level in the folders
  5. Create a shortcut to this page? - This will create a shortcut to this folder in your shortcut menu (geeze mary best add that).


Click image for full size:

  1. Upload files
  2. Create New (folders or files)
  3. Root folder name (in brackets) the name of the folder you have highlighted, how many files you have in that folder and the total of all the document sizes in MB
  4. Filename - The file or folder name
  5. Type - the type of file (folder will be blank)
  6. Date - the date the file or folder was created
  7. Size - the size of the documents (folders will be blank)
  8. RW - the permissions for the folder/files.  Usually it's RW (Read Write)
  9. Ref - where the files are being used (see below), this is blank for folders
  10. Copy - Single file method (this will change if you have a clipboard chosen)
  11. Cut - Single file method (this will change if you have a clipboard chosen)
  12. Display thumbnails - Typo3 will display a thumbnail of images and pdf's if it can (sometimes it cannot display a PDF thumbnail).  This is handy to easily spot an image.  However if you have a huge number of files, it can make the list very long.
  13. Show clipboard - allows for clipboard functions

NOTE: you can sort the view of your files by clicking on any of the headings, filename, type, date, size, permissions (R/W) and ref.

Upload Files

This is covered in Working with files/Uploading files.

Create New

This is covered under Working with files/Adding new files or folders.


If the file has a preview (images and pdf's have previews) and you have Display thumbnails turned on, Typo3 will give you a thumbnail of the file.

A note on file names.  If you try to create a file/folder in Typo3 with a space in the name, Typo3 will replace that with an underscore.  If you try and upload a file with spaces in the file name, Typo3 will replace that with an underscore.   So you may think there is a space in the name, when it's been replaced.  The avoidance of spaces in filenames is a common feature of the operating system that Typo3 uses, not (necessarily) Typo3.


The type column displays what type the file is... actually it takes the extension and outputs it in that column as the type.  So it isn't horribly informative.   If you had a file named file.bob, the "Type" would be BOB.  

Examples of common file types


Folders will not show the combined size of the contents of that folder.  The size is shown in Kilobytes if the image is under 1 Megabyte and in Megabytes if it is over.  


Ref shows you if the image/document is being used anywhere.  NOTE: if the image is used in a stylesheet, it will not show up in the Ref.



This displays the permissions for the file.  You will almost always see RW which stands for Read/Write.  

Display Thumbnails

If checked on you will see a thumbnail for those files with thumbnails (most images and PDF files).  If it is not checked or if the file does not have a thumbnail you'll see the icon for the file type that it is (or a blank white page if Typo3 has no idea what that file is) and the name.

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