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Typo3 Clipboard and Files



While you can always use the contextual cut/copy/paste (instructions given in your Typo3 class or starting on page 18 of the Typo3 manual (pdf) (doc)) or the single cut/copy/paste in the List module, using the Clipboard gives you several advantages.

  • The clipboard shows clearly what you have copied. 
  • You can use more than one clipboard, copying and pasting more than one.
  • You can organize what you have copied by what clipboard it is in.
  • You can copy a large number of records, or files from more than one place into one clipboard.

Typo3's Clipboard

Typo3 has it's own clipboard which can be used with content, pages or files. This clipboard is independent from the computer you are using to edit your site.  It can greatly simplify moving, copying and deleting content, pages and files.  I'm not entirely sure how many elements the clipboard can hold.  I placed 127 files, 21 pages and 12 content elements in one clipboard panel.  I'm still researching this. 

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Where to find the clipboard and enable it


"Show clipboard" is located under the list of files in the filelist.  If you have it turned on in the list module, it will also be on for your files.

Click image for full size:

When checked on you will see a box at the base of the files, very similar to the one you'd see list.


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Clipboard (with two pages and two files)

  1. Show Thumbnails - handy if you have images
  2. Copy/Move - Choose between copy and move elements here.  NOTE: Move is the default, check before you paste.   (see image below).
  3. [menu] -Choose between Export (beyond the scope of this site), Edit (this module currently has a live in bug, and although it saves, it will error when saving so I suggest not using it), Delete (no explanation needed I hope).
  4. Clear current clipboard.
  5. Normal - Normal copy/cut/paste, this is essentially what you do when not using the clipboard, copying/cutting/pasting one at a time.
  6. Clipboard (2) - the two indicates how many elements or files you have on the clipboard.  Although it will show both your files and your pages/content elements in the clipboard, it will sum how many elements you have when you are in the list module, and how many files you have when in filelist.  So in this case it shows (2) whether I'm in the list module or filelist.  I'm clueless as to why it doesn't total them.
  7. Info - this is the same Display information for the list module or the File information for files.   
  8. Remove - remove this one element from the clipboard.

Typo3 has 3 clipboard panels.  You can use this to organize your copying/moving of information.  

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Thumbnails of images in clipboard

If you need to see a thumbnail of the file in the clipboard (I never can remember images names).  You can click the info next to it.

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