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Moving and copying several files


Where to find the clipboard and enable it


"Show clipboard" is located under the list of files in the filelist.  If you have it turned on in the list module, it will also be on for your files.

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When checked on you will see a box at the base of the files, very similar to the one you'd see list.


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Getting ready

You must have "Show Clipboard" checked and one of the clipboard panels selected to see the icons.

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  1. Move up one level
  2. Transfer the selection of files to the clipboard
  3. Delete Marked
  4. Mark All/Mark None
  5. File selection checkboxes
  6. Clipboard - you must one of the clipboard panels selected to see the clipboard icons.



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Typo3 defaults to "Move Elements" in the clipboard.  It will retain "Move Elements" until you have transfered the elements you wish to copy to the clipboard and it will revert back to "Move Elements" if you move from one clipboard panel to another.  To ensure that "Copy Elements" is on, click the pages you wish to copy and click the "Transfer the selection of records to clipboard" icon.  Then change the "Move Elements" to "Copy Elements".  If you do not do it after you transfer the records to the clipboard it may change back to "Move Elements".  

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If you do happen to move them by mistake, they are easy to copy back.

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Copying many files at once

Select the files you wish to copy by check the checkboxes next to them.

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Then click "Transfer the selection of files to the clipboard"

NOTE: remember "Move elements" is Typo3's default in the clipboard.  Change this to "Copy Elements" or you will end up moving them.

Moving many files at once.

The procedure for moving files is the same as copying, except that the clipboard is set to "Move Elements". 

NOTE: if you move a file with a number in the "Ref" column, it can no longer be found by the page or content element referencing it.

Pasting files

When you have the files you wish to copy/move in your clipboard panel(s), you can paste them into the folder(s) where you want them.

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