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Formatting content


Fonts, font colors, even blinking text

Creighton has a set of standards that was created to assist in giving the Creighton web presence a unified feel.  

Fonts are defined by these standards.  

Font colors are not covered in the graphic standards and there are several considerations before requesting a font color change.  Often font colors are dictated by the overall style of the site and by the fact that changing styles on a per page basis is not feasible in our environment.  Font color (emphasis, boldness and size) is decided upon as an overall look for your site.  Also not every computer has the fonts your computer does.  And if a font is specified that isn't on the user's computer it will use it's default. 

Things to think of when requesting changes in fonts.

  1. Does the font really need to be a different color (size, emphasis)?
  2. Does it fit the look feel of the site?
  3. Does the change do what is intended?  Sometimes having several headers in several colors causes distraction rather than attention.

To create a blockquote.

Select the text you want to put into the block quote then choose "Quotation" from the Block Format select at the top of the RTE.  This select may say "No block format" or "Remove block format" depending on whether or not you already have some (as the image below shows).

Click on image for full size:

Using images as headers

Sometimes it seems like a great idea to use an images for a header.  That way specialized fonts can be used and you don't have to worry about if the user has that font on their computer.

Generally this is a bad idea.

  • More images on your page makes the page much slower.
  • What if you misspell the header in the image?  You are showing off this great new site to friends and oops the header is misspelled.  You can't go in and quickly fix it.  You have to redo the image.
  • If you change your mind about the fonts, it's not an easy style change, it's redoing all the images
  • Sometimes this can make sites look like they did in the 90's with lots of icons and cutsie images.  In other words not very professional.

So does this mean you can never use an image for a header.  Of course not.  Every situation deserves consideration.

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