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The RTE is too small

A larger Rich Text Editor

Ever had a content element that you wished you could see more of when editing it?  You can.

When you are in the Rich Text Editor for any content element to edit it (this does not apply to a new content element, you must save first and then edit) you will see a small icon in the middle of the right side of the editor.  If you mouse over it you'll see "Full Screen Rich Text Editing".  This is a bit of a misnomer, the "Full Screen" here is the full width of the work area, not your entire monitor screen.  Still it gives you quite a bit more room.

Click image for full size:

The tabs for the content element are gone and the Rich Text Editor will now take up the entire work area.  

Click image for full size:

When you "Save and close document" or "Close document" (cancel) from here, you will go back to the regular tabbed interface for this content element.

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