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How do you link to specific content?


Why a bookmark?

There may be times in your content that you will want to link to a specific content element on another page, not the page itself.

Things to know about bookmarking in Typo3

You can do this in Typo3 but there are a couple of things to know.

  • Typo3 can create a link to a content element if it's indexed (see #3 General Tab on Working with Content/Types of Content Available/Content - Regular Text Element).  The link in this paragraph is to an indexed content element.  If you do not have it indexed you cannot link to it.
  • The link is to the top of the content element.  You cannot link to the middle of a content element (another good reason to put your content into manageable chunks).  
  • If you do not give your content element a header, it's going to be hard to find but not impossible, it may involve counting down from the top to the one you want to link to. 
    • Click image for full size:
  • Creating a link to a section of content in a Word document or PDF is doable but way beyond the scope of this manual.

Creating the link

First highlight the text in the Rich Text Editor that you want to use for the link.

Click image for full size:

You'll get the Typo3 element browser.  Go to the page containing the content you wish to link to (if it is outside of your site and you do not see it in your element browser, contact the webteam for assistance). But do not click on the page title, click the small red arrow to the right of the pagetitle.

Click image for full size:

When you click the small red arrow, Typo3 will give you a list of the content elements on that page. Click the header of the content element you wish.  If it has no header, click on the icon.

Click image for full size:

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