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Content - Header Only


Why have a Header element?

There really is only one difference between using the header in a regular text element and using the Header element.  With the Header element you get a subheader field.  This could come in handy.

How to find Header

Header,  is not shown in the New Content Element Wizard.  To use Header, first choose a Regular Text Element.  Once on the Regular Text Element, in the General tab, change the type to "Header".

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Header content element icon

  1. A header content element
  2. A hidden header content element
  3. A header content element with a start/stop date

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General Tab

Click image for full size:

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  1. Type - this would change the Text element to another of the different content elements available.  You can choose Text, Insert records, Site Map, Header only, HTML, Mail form, and Plugin.
  2. Columns - what column you want the content in, Normal, Left, Right or Border.  At Creighton we almost always use Normal for the center/main content.  Left and Right columns are obvious and Border usually is below the Normal content with styling separating it from the main content.
  3. Index - if you are using a Section Index Menu (creating bookmarks to the content on this page), that menu would only show the content elements with Index checked.  
  4. Hide this content element
  5. The text you want to show.
  6. How you want the Header text aligned, center, left, or right.  Note that if a different alignment than left does not work, contact the webteam and they will correct this.  How the site is styled can override this.
  7. Header type - if styled, each one of the options here can give you a different size/color and or position of the header, you must go through the webteam though to have them styled.  See image below.
  8. Header link - headers can be links just like links in your regular text.
  9. Header date - this will show a date just above your header.  It is in M/d/y format.  If you check it and not enter a date, it will use the current date.
  10. Subheader - if you want a smaller subheader under the header.
  11. Layout, (not available on Medschool server) this will change the the header from header 1 - header 5 (h1 - h5), which the webteam can style differently for your site.
  12. To Top - this will create a "To Top" link below this content element.

Header types available.  How they will appear (other than hidden) will depend on how they are styled for your site.

Subheader layouts available. Remember that the look won't change unless the webteam styles it.  This changes the header to header 1 through header 5 (h1 - h5).

Access Tab

The Creighton Typo3 trainers do an excellent job of covering this in the Typo3 class.  You can find it in the handout from that class on page 20.  If you cannot find your copy you may download one from here (pdf, doc).  The class is also available in Bluetrain.

One thing to note is that the content will appear/disappear at midnight of the date entered.

  1. Start - If you want this page hidden but to show on a certain date, you can put that date here. NOTE: the format is Day/Month/Year.  And the effective time is midnight of that date.  
  2. Stop - If you wanted this page to become hidden on a certain date, you can put that date here. NOTE: the format is Day/Month/Year.  And the effective time is midnight of that date.
  3. Selected (and Items) - Not seen on the Medschool Server - this is used when there is information on that page that would be limited to a certain group of people who had to login to see it.  It is used in conjunction with a login.

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