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Example of a form


Example form

Below is the same simple form as it appears in the Configuration, in the Wizard, on the page and the email it sends.

The fields I put on this form are:

  • Name - Input field
  • Email - Input field
  • What year are you - Selector box (drop down list) (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
  • Please send me email - Label - this is for the radio buttons below
  • Please send me email - Radio buttons (Yes, No)
  • Comments - Textarea

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Form in Configuration

When you first go into a form content element's form tab, you will see the configuration with the code.  Unless you know what you are doing, I would avoid editing it from here.

Click image for full size:

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Form in Wizard

The form as it appears in the wizard.

Click image for full size (long):

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The form on the page

The example form as seen on the page.  Any styling  has been inherited from the site, the form itself received no special styling.  

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The contents of the email that was sent from this form.

Remember that different email clients may display this differently.  This is Outlook 2003.

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