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File upload

The upload field allows users to attach a file to the email they are sending.  It does not upload a file to the server permanently.  The server that Typo3 resides on has some file size restrictions (it's possible it also has file type restrictions as well).   I am not 100% sure of the restrictions on this, when I know I'll update this. 

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  1. Label - This is the label that a user sees next to the field that tells him what to enter.
  2. Required - Is this field required?
  3. Field - Actually this should say "Name", each field has it's own name which assists in identifying which field is which. While it looks like this field can be edited in this data type, it cannot.  It will always come back to "attachement1".  If you add another upload file field, this will change to "attachment2".
  4. Size - how large the field is.  Occasionally, people will actually type the path to the file here, although this is rare, it's nice to make this field big enough so the user can see part of the path to the file once they find it.  

Label, required and size are not required for this type.

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