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Hidden value

Why use a hidden field

Hidden fields are almost always used to pass information to the recipient of the form as part of the form.  Hidden fields are... hidden from the user on the visible page.  The user will not see the hidden field  **** important **** unless they look at the page source code.  When a user looks at the page source the hidden field and it's contents is easily visible.  So never use a hidden field to pass data that you do not want seen.

Then why use it?  Our users may never have a reason to use a hidden field.  The only reason I could think for our typical users is if a site had more than one contact form, then you could differentiate the forms by using a hidden field.

  1. Field - Actually this should say "Name", each field has it's own name which assists in identifying which field is which. If there are any spaces entered here, Typo3 will replace them with an underscore.  The field/name is not seen by the user.
  2. Value - What value the hidden field will hold.  

Hidden field example - A hidden "From" field

Here is an example of the Hidden field in the Wizard and the output that this generates in the form.

Click image for full size:

And the output of the hidden field in the email it generates.  Although it's named "From" it does not overwrite the existing "From".

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