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Radio Buttons

Click image for full size (this illustrates the bug found in the labeling of the field):

  1. Label - This is the label that a user sees next to the field that tells him what to enter.  There is a bug in this field.  While it's annoying it does not render the field unusable (happily).  If you fill in "Label", Typo will output this twice.  There is a workaround (see below).
  2. Required - Is this field required?
  3. Field - Actually this should say "Name", each field has it's own name which assists in identifying which field is which. If there are any spaces entered here, Typo3 will replace them with an underscore.  The field/name is not seen by the user.
  4. List options - where you put what options you want for your radio buttons.  This list will also be used as a Label for each radio button.

When you add a Radio button set, none of the above fields are necessary, however the form and the email it sends would be very confusing if you didn't put in at the very least the Label and the Field (or name).  And if you do not put any options, you will not get anything on your form!

Workaround for the label bug.

To fix the double label bug (see image above), create a "Label" form element and put it above the radio button.  Delete the contents of the "Label" Field (sorry I know it's confusing) for both, and put what you want for the label of the Radio buttons in the "Value" field for the Label field.

Hopefully that isn't too confusing, here is an image of the fix.

Click image for full size:

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