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Submit Button

Why is there a submit button as well as the send button?  I haven't the faintest idea, I can find no documentation.  The submit doesn't send the email. 

My thought is that if you have a form that spans more than one page (the user answers questions, then clicks a button to go on and answer more questions).  However, as I cannot figure out how to do a multipage form, so I cannot verify that.  So for now, I'd not recommend you use it.  

Click image for full size (remember that buttons will look different on different operating systems):

  1. Field - Actually this should say "Name", each field has it's own name which assists in identifying which field is which. If there are any spaces entered here, Typo3 will replace them with an underscore.  The field/name is not seen by the user.
  2. Value - This is the text that will be on the button face.
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