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  1. Label - This is the label that a user sees next to the field that tells him what to enter.
  2. Required - Is this field required?
  3. Field - Actually this should say "Name", each field has it's own name which assists in identifying which field is which. If there are any spaces entered here, Typo3 will replace them with an underscore.  The field/name is not seen by the user.
  4. Columns - How wide is the textarea is in characters.  Column = Characters so that a 40 column wide text area would hold 40 characters across before the line wrapped.
  5. Rows - How many rows there are will determine how tall the text area is.  1 row = 12 pixels, you could compare it to a line of text but styling can greatly increase (or decrease) this.
  6. No Wrap - typically this would force any text that does not have a carriage return in it to stay on one line, however it doesn't appear to do anything in this case.
  7. Value - This will appear in the field as a default value.  If the user puts nothing in this field, it will submit this default value.

When you add a textarea to your form, none of the above fields are necessary, however the form and the email it sends would be very confusing if you didn't put in at the very least the Label and the Field (or name).  

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