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JF Multicontent

Display content in a variety of different ways.

For a long time our users have wanted to not only create and maintain their own galleries but also display content in different and engaging ways.

We now offer this though the use of a plugin called JFMulticontent.

One of the great things about this is that no special content need be created for any of these, you do not need the intervention of the Webteam to use this (as long as you don't mind the styles that come with it).  You do not need to have special queries created to use this. You do not need to know HTML, all you need to know how to do is create content elements and point and click!

You just use it.

Not only can you use it, but you can combine most of them for a truly slick dynamic tool for your site.

NOTE: There is the chance that Javascript already on your page can interfere with this (or visa versa).  If you find it's not working please contact the webteam (

How it works

The basic concept is very (very) easy.  For each element/piece/part of your gallery/tabbed content/columns you need a content element.  So you have a slideshow each image is a separate content element. You want you page to show 4 columns.  Each column is a separate content element.  This makes it so much easier to maintain than using tables.  You do not need to worry about accidentally messing the table up.

So let's look at a sliding gallery and a 4 column page layout as examples.

You want your own slider.  What you do is add each picture to it's own content element (we'll walk through this again later) and then pull that content element into the plugin.

Click image for full size:

You can see that each content element is one of the panels.

It is hard to see this with an image slider so let's look at a columnar layout. One content element = one column.  Pretty simple and exceedingly easy for you to maintain!

Click image for full size (it is large):

But really the best thing to do is show you live examples.  Each one of these example was created with the exact same content from the exact same page.    That page is located here so you can see it outside the plugin.  Each of these is done with NO styling, it's straight out of the box.  Below where I go over how to do each, I will highlight what configuration I did to produce the below examples.  I general I will do only the minimum necessary to get it going.  Just think what's possible if we take it as far as it will go?


If you already have Jquery on your site, and once you add a multiple content element you find it is not working, you probably have a conflict with the Javascript.  Just let me know and I can fix this.  

Adding the plugin

If you need assistance to add a new content element please go here: Add  new content element.

Once you have a new content element,  on the general tab, click the "Type" select and choose "Insert Plugin"

Once you choose "insert Plugin" go to the "Plugin" tab and choose "Multiple Content" from the "Select Plugin" list.



How to add each to a page

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