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Adding a form


Note: The mail form is not available on the Medschool Server

Having the webteam create your form for you

The instructions for creating a form through Typo3's form generator isn't for the faint of heart. 

However, the webteam would be happy to do yours for you.  We use a special form generator that enables users to review what they are going to submit before submitting the form.  This form can also port the results into a comma delimited file in addition to emailing the results.  Finally we can style this form, offering custom styles that are not available in the Typo3 generated form, they will pick up the styling from the site.  If you want the webteam to create a form for you please contact us.

Also, we cannot guarantee that the Typo3 generated forms work correctly.  From what we've seen with our current version of Typo3, it does work correctly but the form generator in the our prior version of Typo3 did not and it was disabled.  For the most part we cannot support the mail form if it does not work.   We'd be happy to look at it for you but since we cannot find documentation on it, we can't help fix any issues.

Mail Form - what is it and what can it do?



  1. You may not request the social security number or credit card number of a user, the server does not have the kind of security needed for this.
  2. If you request a form through the webteam, we can put the results into a CSV as well as having them emailed to you.
  3. We cannot, at this time, put the results into a database.
  4. We will style the forms created through the forms framework, we do not style forms created through the Typo3 Mail Form.  They inherit the sites styling.

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Form content element icons

Read more on the form content element.

  1. A form content element
  2. A hidden form content element
  3. A form content element with a start/stop date

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General Tab

Click image for full size:

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  1. Type - this would change the element to another of the different content elements available.  You can choose Text, Insert records, Site Map, Header only, HTML, Mail form, and Plugin.
  2. Columns - what column you want the content in, Normal, Left, Right or Border.  At Creighton we almost always use Normal for the center/main content.  Left and Right columns are obvious and Border usually is below the Normal content with styling separating it from the main content.  You can change what column your content is in in a regular edit of the General tab (see #2 above), you can change several using quick Edit or you can actually "move" them from column to column.
  3. Index - if you are using a Section Index Menu (creating bookmarks to the content on the page), that menu would show only the content elements with Index checked.
  4. Hide this content element.
  5. The header if you wish one.
  6. How you want the header text aligned, center, left, or right.  Note: if a different alignment than left does not work, contact the webteam and they can correct this.  How the site is styled can override this.
  7. Header type - if styled, each one of the options here can give you a different size/color and or position of the header, you must go through the webteam though to have them styled.  See image below.
  8. Header link - headers can be links just like links in your regular text.
  9. Header date - this will show a date just above your header.  It is in M/d/y format.  If you check it and not enter a date, it will use the current date.
  10. To Top - this will create a "To Top" link below this content element.
  11. Medschool Typo3 server - Before, how much white space (in pixels) to add above this element.
  12. Medschool Typo3 server - After, how much white space (in pixels) to add below this element..

Header types available.  How they will appear (other than hidden) will depend on how they are styled for your site.

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Form Tab


  1. Configuration - this is where you will see the straight code that creates your form.  An image of this filled in is below.   Rather than try to change the code, we suggest you use the wizard.
  2. Form Wizard - click this to switch to the form wizard.  Using the wizard is covered here.
  3. Jump to page - this is the page that you want the user to go to once they have submitted the form. this is often a "Thank You" page.
  4. Recipient-email - the email of the person who receives the form when it is submitted.

The below image is of the configuration of a form with only one field.  You can see that without using the wizard, you would need to understand this to change any of it.

Click image for full size:

Access Tab

The Creighton Typo3 trainers do an excellent job of covering this in the Typo3 class.  You can find it in the handout from that class on page 20.  If you cannot find your copy you may download one from here (pdf, doc).  The class is also available in Bluetrain.

One thing to note is that the content will appear/disappear at midnight of the date entered.

  1. Start - If you want this page hidden but to show on a certain date, you can put that date here. NOTE: the format is Day/Month/Year.  And the effective time is midnight of that date.  
  2. Stop - If you wanted this page to become hidden on a certain date, you can put that date here. NOTE: the format is Day/Month/Year.  And the effective time is midnight of that date.
  3. Selected (and Items) - Not seen on the Medschool Server - this is used when there is information on that page that would be limited to a certain group of people who had to login to see it.  It is used in conjunction with a login.

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