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Adding a movie


Why use YouTube?

With the ease of using YouTube, we now recommend that video's be uploaded to YouTube. 

To create a YouTube account go to YouTube an click "Create Account".  

Why use YouTube?

  • Almost anyone can see your video.  MP4's, WMV's and MOV's movies require specific plugins to play and you may limit those who can see it.  YouTube now has an opt-in HTML5 beta area that iPad users can use to view movies.  More more on this see YouTube HTML5 Video Player.  Right now there is a limited number of browsers that support this but Safari 4+ is one of them.  I tried it in Safari and it is quite nice. HOWEVER, the embed code even from the HTML5 page for the video still puts a flash player on your page.  You can link to the youtube html5 page though if you wish.
  • The embeded video's have user controls, a preview image and will not automatically start when the user lands on that page.  
  • YouTube videos can be played on a phone equipped to display videos (iPhone users will have to opt into the HTML5 beta).
  • YouTube has extensive documentation on how to do it all (well other than embedding in typo3, but we'll take care of that) so if you feel like doing it at midnight, do it at midnight.

If your video is instructional or an educational event such as a conference, contact the webteam.  There is a specific YouTube Creighton channel for instructional videos that allow longer movies.  

If you have movies on, please contact the webteam to embed them into your webpage.  

Vimeo, Youtube or ?

Really it's your choice.  While I've not explored all of the possible video sharing sites, I'm betting the embed code and where you find it is similar on all of them.  So use what you are comfortable using.  Here is a comparison chart of the video sharing sites.

Once you've created a YouTube Account

YouTube provides excellent instructions and videos (imagine that) on how to use their site. 

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New HTML Element - Main Typo3 Server

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New HTML Element - Medschool Typo3 Server

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Embedding a Youtube video in a Typo3 page.

Okay, you've created the HTML, and you've uploaded your video.  How do you embed it?

On the page of your movie, you'll find on the right side of the video the code to embed that video into a webpage.

When you click into that field it will automatically highlight the entire section of code you need.  Copy all of what is in this field.


NOTE:  While Youtube does have html5 beta, (from what I can tell) embedding will still embed a flash player so iPad users will not be able to see this.

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Add embed code to your HTML element

Now in the HTML element that you created, click the "HTML" tab, and paste the code into the textarea.

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Video's are not immediately available to play on YouTube, it can take some time for the video to upload and be placed on all servers.  If you copied the embed code from the "Success" page of the upload, you can paste it into the HTML but it might not appear for a while.

Your movie in it's page.

Once you've embedded the video you can go to your page and see how it looks.  How it looks may depend on the browser you are using (and if you are using HTML5).  Note: the example below is showing the embed before the test video finished uploading and propagating to all the servers, that's why there is no preview.


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