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Adding a photo gallery

There are a number of photo gallery options available.

Galleries you can add and manage yourself

Simply adding your images to your page.

  • A page with your images on it, added in a regular text element as you would any image.
    • Pros
      • You can manage it yourself
      • You can add as much description under each image as you wish.
      • This section of the site can be styled (colors etc) for the gallery.
    • Cons
      • Not as interactive as the other galleries.
      • Images have to fit into the content area

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Google Picasa Gallery

  • A Google Picasa Gallery, is maintained on Google web albums and is embedded in your page. An example is at Creighton Pepband's site on their home page and their Photo Gallery page (  You can see the slideshow version of a Google Picasa Gallery on Social Work's Gallery page ( 
    • Pros
      • You manage it yourself
      • Can show a slideshow on your page (Pep band home page) or simply link to the gallery in Picassa (Pep band Photo Gallery page)
      • More of Picassa's advantages are located here:

Here are Instructions on embedding a Google Picasa Slide show or linking to it.

Galleries that we add but you maintain.


  • A lightbox application where your images would be on the page in a text element but would enlarge in a lightbox. This manual uses the lightbox(images with "Click image for full size:" above it). 
    • Pros
      • You can have links to full sized images from thumbnails on your page.
      • Full size images show in a lightbox application over the page where the thumbnails are.
      • You can have descriptions show with each enlargement.
    • Cons
      • The size of the thumbnails is somewhat limited by the space on your page
      • While you can add the images to the text area, you will either have to learn how to add the code that generates the light box or have a member of the webteam do it.

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Galleries that the webteam has to add and manage

Slide Show Pro

An actual gallery application, Slide Show Pro, one can be seen at Support Services (

  • Pros
    • Can have several albums displayed in one place on one page as in the above example.
    • Can have it automatically scroll through images in a slide show.
    • Can have descriptions.
    • Can go full screen
    • Background color and text color can change (but for whole gallery, not for each album).
    • Can have more than two (in example above) columns if the fit in your space.
  • Cons
    • Addition, deletion and changes to images or text has to be done by webteam, at this point we have no way for owners to manage it themselves. This is a big con to consider as the webteam will have to schedule additions/changes/deletions into their project load.

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