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How to add a Picasa Gallery to your page

NOTE: iPad does not support flash

To create a Picasa Web Album to add to your site you will need an account with Google.  If you do not have one you can create an account by going to their new account page (

Once you have an account you can log into Picasa (   It is beyond the scope of this site to cover how to upload and create your albums on Picasa, they have a wonderful help section at (

I will cover how to get the code to embed your site into your page in Typo3.

Add a simple link to your gallery.

Picasa will give you the code to add a link, using a picture from your gallery.  To find it go to your galleries photos page in the Picasa Web Albums.  On the right side you'll find a small link icon and "Link to this album".

Click for larger View.

Two text boxes will appear, one with a link that you can add to an email and one with HTML that you can add to a page. Chose the second one under "Paste HTML to embed in website".  

Note: this will add a link to your page.

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New HTML Element - Main Typo3 Server

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New HTML Element - Medschool Typo3 Server

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Adding the link to the HTML Element

Click on the HTML tab, in the textarea, you will paste the code you copied from your album into the content area.

Save and go look at your page.  The code from Picasa not only gives you a link but a picture as well.  This image is small and you can use a larger one.  Instructions on how to do this will come later.

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Embed a Picasa Slideshow

You can embed a slide show of your album into your page.  In the Picasa Web Albums site, go to the page with your Album on it.  On the right you will find a "Embed Slideshow" link.   

Click for larger view.

Alternately you will find the "Embed Slideshow" once you click the "Link to this album" link, just under the text box where you copy the HTML to link to your album.

A dialog box will appear with a preview and a few choices along with the code you need in a textarea below the choices.

Click for larger view

You can choose to show captions or not, to autoplay and to include a link for MySpace.  You can also choose the size you want it to be.  Indeed the "Medium" is actually pretty small.  Most content areas of sites will accomodate 600px wide slideshows.  So to choose that click "Select slideshow size" and pull down to "Extra Large 600px".

Click for larger view.

Then highlight the code and copy it.

Then follow the instructions above for adding the link to the gallery, creating a new HTML content area and pasting the embed code into it.   depending a bit on your options for your slideshow you will get something like the following on your page.

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