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Adding Flash to your page

Image rotator

Adding a Flash image rotator

Many sites have an image rotator on landing page or even in banner areas. If you are interesting in having one added to your page please let the webteam know and we'll get one set up.

Other Flash

NOTE: iPad does not support flash.

Please contact the webteam before adding any flash to your site.  While we don't want to discourage the addition of functionality, flash can cause problems for users and for your site.  And, of course, iPad users cannot see flash at all.

We have sites that do have flash elements that work well with the site. 

There is a tendency to want to make a page lots more fun by adding lots of neat stuff...  which is great for a personal site or for a site that is purely for entertainment.   It could truly hinder or push users away from an informational site. 

That said, there is flash on this page.  Can you spot it?  If you cannot contact me and I'll let you know where it is.





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