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User tools

Tools for managing your account and your site.

User tool modules available

Task center
Task Center is a TYPO3 module that allows you to manage projects. It provides back-end users (administrators or editors) with messaging system, to-do lists, notes, shortcuts and special actions. TYPO3 Task Center helps editors to coordinate working process. Pretty useful also for big teams or when team members are located in different places.
User settings
Settings to choose what your openin/default view will be, how much of a page title you can see in the page tree, how much help you receive and more.
This versioning system allows you to work on future versions of content without affecting the live content. It is used by workflow systems to offer a process for such content, going from creation, editing to review and publishing (where the draft version is swapped with the live version). Workspaces facilitate versioning by offering Live, Draft and Custom workspaces.
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