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Why would you need this module?

NOTE: Only site owners will see this module. 

Access can display who owns a page and what group that page or area is assigned to.  It will also display the permissions for that page (however, we strongly recommend that you do not change permissions, you could break your page(s)).  if you feel you need to change permissions please contact the webteam

Administrators of large sites can also use this area to fix the group that a page belongs to if that group is incorrect.

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Access Options

  1. User Overview / Permissions
  2. Depth - 1, 2, 3, 4 or 10 levels

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User Overview

That's you.  The user.  

Click image for full size:

  1. Pagetitle (sorry the #1 looks like it's next to depth, really it's above the pagetitle)
  2. Edit permissions for this page
  3. This shows your netid.  The checkmarks in the left part of that column are listed below, briefly they are a shorthand for your permissions, checkmark means you can do the action an X means you cannot (see the description of the columns below) . 
  4. Lock - Only admins can add a lock to a page.  You can click it and it looks like it will lock but it won't stick.  If you see this when you try to edit a page, then it's been locked:
    Click image for full size:

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Click on image for full size:

  1. Pagetitle
  2. Edit permissions for this page
  3. Owner and owners permissions
  4. Group and group permissions
  5. Everybody permissions
  6. Administrative lock (as I mentioned above this feature does not appear to be working).

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What all the columns are

A (Owner), B(Group) & C (Everybody):  Checkmark = permission, X = no permission.

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Editing Permissions - Site owners only

Site editors do not have permission to this.

Please do not change the permissions on a page or level of pages.  Contact the webteam if you feel there is a need for this.

If you are the administrator of a large site or an advanced user and you need to change the group for the current page and subpages, you can do this.  Please, even advanced users do not change permissions.

You can change the page owner, permissions and the group that the page belongs to recursively (that is all of it's subpages).  You can only change the group to a group that you belong to.  However, you can change the owner to any owner within our typo3 installation.  

  1. Owner - do not change unless you are absolutely certain of who it should be change to
  2. Group - you can only change it to a group that you belong to
  3. Permissions - for owner, group and everybody - the legend is below the table.

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