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The assigned group for a page


Who is this for?

This will not apply to most of our Typo3 users.  It is meant for advanced users who maintain and administer over large sites.  These sites have a number of separate areas with separate user groups underneath the main group. 

Why is the group incorrect?

When a user creates a page, that page is given the creating user's main or top group that they belong to.   If this user is an administrator of a large site and is creating a page in an area that has a sub-group assigned to it, that page will get the administrator's group, not the sub-group.  That means an editor of that sub-group may not see the page in his pagetree.  

However if the administrator has all the sub-groups in their master group, they can change this to the correct sub-group.

So let's use a page within this site.  The administrator of this site is a member of the main group: ACC:Typo Manual (and it's mount group MNT:Typo Manual).   There are two sub-groups, ACC:Typo3-sub A and ACC:Typo3-sub B which are listed as sub-groups of ACC:Typo Manual.  The administrator can see all pages whether created by a member of ACC:Typo3-sub A or a member of ACC:Typo3-sub B.  

So the administrator creates a new page "regular page".  The group assigned that page is "ACC:Typo Manual".  That means that editors who are only members of ACC:Typo3-sub A cannot access that page in Typo3 to edit it.

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Editors of many sites.

We have a few advanced editors who maintain a large number of sites.  These editors are members of many groups.  But when they create a new page, Typo3 will assign the main/top group that this editor belongs to.  If this happens and another editor cannot see the page you can use the instructions below to change to the correct group as long as you are a member of that group.  If you are unsure of this contact the webteam. We'll be happy to fix the group for you.

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Finding the permissions and groups assigned

To change this, highlight the root page for that page or that page itself.  

Click image for full size:

This will give you the groups and permissions for this page and all of it's sub-pages if it has any.


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How to change the group for one page

Sometimes only one or two pages have the incorrect group.  If so than this method is the quickest and easiest.

Find the page with the incorrect group.

Click image for full size:

Once you have found the incorrect group, click on the incorrect group name ("ACC:Typo Manual" in image above).

The name will change into a select with a "Save" and a "Cancel" icon next to it on the right.

NOTE: When changing the group do not choose anything starting with "Role" or "RTE".  Also don't choose the MNT:xxxxx. 

Choose the correct group and then click the "Save" icon.   If you do not see the correct group in the list contact the webteam.  

You can do this as often as you need in this work area.  


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